Pokemon Crystal Ultimate

Pokemon Crystal Ultimate

Download Pokemon Crystal Ultimate GBC Rom Hack (Pre-Patched)

Pokemon Crystal Ultimate is a GBC ROM Hack by Major Agnostic based on Pokemon Crystal. I is now available to download in English and It was last updated on March 9, 2024.

  • Creator: Major Agnostic
  • Version: v1.0.7.5
  • Hack of: Crystal
  • Updated: March 9, 2024

Pokemon Crystal Ultimate’s purpose is to provide fans with the ultimate Pokemon Crystal experience: the same story, same Pokemon, and similar places, but the game is more enjoyable, balanced, and hard. Because of a thorough overhaul of moves, learnsets, base stats, and Pokemon availability, almost everything is now viable. The game’s difficulty has been raised by redesigning the level curve and adding custom moves, DVs, and stat experience to trainer parties, as well as providing a greater variety and quantity of Pokemon to their teams.


You’ve undoubtedly heard about my impending Pokemon Crystal Ultimate ROM hack! The most recent version that can be played is v0.8, which covers everything up to and including the E4. The purpose of this hack is to provide fans the ultimate Pokemon Crystal experience, a sort of remastering in which the story, Pokemon, and gameplay remain unchanged, but the game is more playable, balanced, and hard. There is also new material, as well as other QoL improvements ranging from music to sprite work to brand-new features and battle system changes!

Almost everything is now feasible due to a comprehensive reworking of moves, typing, learnsets, starting stats, and Pokemon availability. By reworking the level curve and adding custom moves, DVs, and stat experience to trainer parties, as well as providing a greater variety and quantity of Pokemon to their teams, the game’s difficulty has been raised. The game, on the other hand, is designed to be Nuzlocke-able, thus the difficulty, while occasionally high, is fair.

Locations that were mostly barren in the original game, like as Ilex Forest, Ice Path, and Victory Road (not to mention Kanto), now feature more trainers and goodies. I’ve also changed the type of a dozen Pokemon, swapped out a couple regular-shiny palettes to reflect this, and changed type matchups to balance out Poison and Steel.

Some players, understandably, may find that some of these changes deviate too far from what they expect from this type of hack, so I created a Classic version of the game that removes most base stat changes, Pokemon typing and type matchup changes, most palette swaps, and will slightly lower the shiny rate in the final release.

Furthermore, with the exception of legendaries and starter/odd egg Pokemon that you did not obtain, all 251 Pokemon can be gained through normal play, and all Johto Pokemon can be collected before joining the Pokemon League. Furthermore, there are several quality-of-life enhancements as well as brand-new features that boost playability without taking away from the original game’s flavour! Following are some screenshots and a list of features.


  • Map changes that bring previously unimpressive areas to life (e.g. Victory Road in the first screenshot) and add convenience, such as the Goldenrod shortcuts
  • Reworked in-battle and overworld sprites for notable characters and Surfing, as well as for Pokemon in the party menu and overworld
  • Added evening as a time of day with a golden hue
  • Convenient features such as being prompted to reuse Repels, reusable TMs, new gen 1 (GENWUNNERS) move tutors, a move reminder, and a Pocket PC
  • More item variety and accessibility, such as a Lucky Egg early on, rare items found as milestone gifts in your room, all decorations can be obtained outside of Mystery Gift, and fossil Pokemon are found in the Ruins of Alph
  • Brand new Kanto storyline based on existing lore to liven up the region; the first part of this new story is playable in v.1.0.7
  • Over 90 new trainers added to the game
  • New music and softer night versions for all outdoor themes
  • Hold B to run
  • Cross-region Fly
  • All 251 Pokemon and all items obtainable through normal play
  • Base stat, move, and Pokemon type changes to rebalance the battle system (see the documentation linked below for details on a Classic version that limits some of these changes)
  • New special trainer battles and super bosses
  • New side quests
  • Restored Kanto maps and revised/revamped many others
  • A level and stat exp curve that match a diligent player’s progression
  • Level caps for an extra challenge (added in v1.0.2)
  • Trainer card badges are in colour and a third page has been added for Kanto
  • Sprites have a softer and darker hue at night to match the darkness
  • 1/256 shiny encounter rate (1/3 for the Odd Egg) and shinies always have high DVs
  • Fixed many bugs (such as Kirt’s balls) and restored things like the Celebi event
  • Significant AI improvements
  • Improved rematch system: rematch trainers offer their number automatically after you first defeat them and have much better scaling
  • Every ball has a unique colour palette and catching Pokemon yields exp
  • In-battle weather indicator
  • Elite Four rematch with new dialogue

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You can download the Pokemon Crystal Ultimate GBC ROM from this page and you can download an Emulator for your device from this link to play the game.