Pokemon Elite Redux

Pokemon Elite Redux

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Elite Redux GBA ROM Hack

Pokemon Elite Redux is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by Darkyy92x based on Pokemon Emerald. It is now available to download in English and It was last updated on August 17, 2023.

  • Creator: Darkyy92x
  • Version: 1.6
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: August 17, 2023


Pokemon Elite Redux is a game that places a strong emphasis on challenging gameplay and diverse team-building options. It allows players to utilize up to 4 different abilities simultaneously, and every Pokemon and trainer has been manually rebalanced for optimal gameplay. With over 100 new abilities and a variety of new moves, players can enjoy a unique experience inspired by popular hacks such as Inclement Emerald and Radical Red. Plus, the game includes many quality-of-life improvements and eliminates the need for tedious grinding. Overall, Pokemon Elite Redux offers a fresh take on the classic Pokemon gameplay formula.

TL;DR: if you enjoy facing challenges, engaging in battles, and building teams without having to grind endlessly, then you will definitely appreciate this hack. Pokémon Elite Redux is not your typical difficulty hack as its features are unlike anything you have experienced before. In addition, this hack comes with numerous Quality of Life improvements that make the gameplay fresh and unique.


Up to 4 Abilities At The Same Time

Every Pokémon can have up to 3 switchable abilities along with up to 3 fixed ones (innates). This creates fun new strategies and endless replayability, as you can play many Pokémon in several ways. Imagine Gyarados with Moxie & Aerilate or Intimidate at the same time!

Every Single Trainer Has A Full Custom Moveset

Every Trainer party has been reworked manually, considering all new/changed abilities & moves. Most trainers have full competitive movesets with varying held items. Every rematch has been crafted individually for variety. You won’t meet the same brain-dead Poochyena with Tackle everywhere.

Fair But Unique Difficulty

We don’t like creating difficulty by giving the Player much fewer or worse tools than the AI, and we mean it. Most strategies the AI uses, you can too. Be creative! Battle Style is always “Set”. When choosing the Elite Difficulty, there is a good chance you will get slapped by the first Trainer if you’re not prepared. Also, there are not too many unfair advantages for the AI (like unobtainable abilities, permanent battle effects, etc.).

110+ New Custom Abilities

Featuring a total of over 370 abilities with around 50 changed/extended abilities, you will have lots of options to defeat the many challenges awaiting you. Also, all ability descriptions have been rewritten for more accuracy!

Reworked & Stronger AI

We revamped the AI to include all new/changed abilities & moves. Also, every Trainer now uses the smartest AI.

Zero Grinding!

  • You can set EVs quick & easy on the Summary Screen.
  • Furthermore, you can change natures and abilities via Summary Screen.
  • You’ll get a new Candy Box (unlimited rare candies) so you can switch teams often to try out new strategies. Rare Candies have Gen 8 mechanics, which means you can evolve at the Level Cap. You can either level up to 4 levels at a time or jump directly to the current Level Cap to save time!

  • Every Pokémon has 31 IVs by default. You can easily change Hidden Power types with the Type Gems.
  • You can set your Speed IVs to 0 (for Trick Room teams) or back to 31 with the new Iron Pill item.
  • All Poké Balls have a 100% catch rate. You can use any ball you like. Additionally, every ball is infinite use.
  • All held items stay on your Pokémon after battling – no more re-equipping Berries & Focus Sashes!
  • Auto-Heal before every battle – no need for medicines or other healing items anymore.

Reworked Pokémon, Abilities, Moves & Items

Every single Pokémon has been given love individually, e.g. Gyarados is now Water/Dragon with Levitate, and Gengar can be used physically or specially. We reworked many moves to be less frustrating or more fun to use. For example, Aurora Beam now always lowers the foe’s Attack by one stage. The type chart hasn’t been touched. Some items like Big Root and Shell Bell have been buffed.

Teach Moves Directly From The Party Menu

Now you can teach all available Level-Up moves, Egg moves, TMs/HMs and Tutor moves conveniently.

Portable PC

Just like in newer Pokémon games, there is no need to go back to the Pokémon Center just to change your party. Also, you can now edit all your Pokémon directly in the PC!

Upgraded Battle Engine & Battle UI

  • Using RH-Hideouts Battle Engine, all Pokémon from Gen 1 to 7 (1200+ Species) plus many Gen 8 Pokémon are catchable, and most Gen 8 moves, abilities & items too. Including Mega Evolution, but not Z-Moves.For some Mega Evolutions, you can even choose between 3 different abilities!
  • Vastly improved Battle UI, which shows Type Effectiveness & STAB to help with some new typings. It even considers abilities such as Levitate. Also, you can press L when selecting moves to check Power, Accuracy, and if the move makes contact – just like in CFRU hacks!
  • Frostbite has replaced Freeze: No more annoying freezes! Frostbite deals 1/16 HP damage per turn. The Special Attack of the affected Pokémon is halved. 3x chance of Frostbite in hail.

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Diverse Postgame

  • There are many really strong trainers (including Gym Leaders & E4) waiting for you after you’ve beat the E4. There are up to 4 carefully crafted rematches per trainer. You also don’t have to wait a day anymore to rematch Gym Leaders – you can battle whenever you like!
  • You can choose Singles or Doubles, with or without Legendaries for important RematchesAfter beating the Champ, you can catch all remaining Legendaries (Gen 1 – 7 and two special Pokémon from Gen 8) if you have beaten all trainers on certain routes.

Easy Catching / Tweaked DexNav

Featuring ghoulslash’s improved DexNav, which we further tweaked for easier catching. You can instantly scan for the Pokémon you want from the beginning. They also don’t run away anymore. Did I mention, you will have unlimited Pokéballs with 100% catch rate?

Access To Many Battle & Evolution Items From The Start

You’re not limited by any means – it’s totally fine to send your 252/252 Atk/Speed Pokémon with Choice Band and Adamant nature against the first trainer. You’ll also get all Mega Stones before battling Norman (5th Gym).

Accessible For Everyone

Intended as a difficulty hack first, but you can pick between three difficulty modes and three level caps. Play how you like it. You can also turn off EVs completely anytime in any mode.

Pokemon Elite Redux GBA
  • Easy Mode: Trainers have no EVs, but you can have them. That’s a huge advantage, but the teams will still be a challenge! Bag use in battles is disabled. The Set battle style is enforced.
  • Ace Mode: Same teams & limitations as in Easy Mode, but every trainer has custom EVs. Also, there is a sleep clause, which prevents putting more than 1 Pokémon to sleep.
  • Elite Mode: Same limitations as in Ace Mode, but you’ll face much harder teams for important fights, like Gym Leaders and the Pokémon League. Additionally, you have to unlock more innates by defeating the first 2 Gyms.

Various Fun Randomizer Modes

Encounter Randomizer, Ability Randomizer, Innate Randomizer, Move Randomizer

Randomizer Modes - Pokemon Elite Redux GBA

Tons Of Quality Of Life Changes

  • Rewritten move descriptions for more clarity or to describe new effects, now it’s much easier to see the chance for additional effects like flinching, or which moves affect Iron Fist / Mega Launcher etc.
  • Updated Move Details Screen – now shows more move details like Critical Hit Rate, Chance of Secondary Effects, etc.
  • Enable/disable permanent repel from the Options Menu
  • Level Cap System: Once a Pokémon is over the cap, it’ll only get one EXP point per KO. You also see the current level cap in the Start Menu.
  • Smart Level Scaling – Wild Pokémon and Trainers scale to your level, even works with the DexNav.
  • Updated Summary Screen – now also shows Base Stats at a glance.
  • Register items in a list menu (press L to access list)Expanded Bag Space with more pockets
  • Unlimited TM use, new TM case from Fire Red
  • No need to teach HMs, also you can fly to already visited places with every Pokémon
  • You can now get the Mach and Acro bike simultaneously
  • Berries grow instantly, and yield 100 berries
  • Wild Encounters on Berry Trees
  • Disabled random calls from Trainers
  • In-Game Tutorial NPC, explains the most important changes
  • New item: Iron Pill: Use it on any Pokémon to set Speed IVs to 0. Use again to set back to 31.
  • Easier evolution (Night / Day / Friendship / Trade Evos removed)
  • Day & Night Inverter for wild Pokémon (old guy in every Pokémon Center)
  • Nurse Joy: insta-heal without dialogue (but not really needed anymore because of auto-healing before battles)
  • You can change Eevolutions forth and back >> there’s an NPC in Rustboro Pokémon CenterThis gives the possibility to have moves like Leaf Blade (from Leafeon) for Flareon
  • All eggs hatch in 4 cycles (shortest possible)
  • Removed daycare egg daily limit
  • Eviolite doesn’t prevent evolutions to allow for faster teambuilding, but still gives 50% Defense Boosts
  • Auto Run – Also works indoors. You can hold B while it’s on to walk, or to run when it’s off. You can even hold B to surf faster!
  • The name rater can be found in every Pokémon Center. You can even rename other trainers’ Pokémon!
  • Decapitalisation: no more capslock
  • No more low HP beep – finally!

Custom Options Menu

  • Auto Run
  • Permanent Repel
  • Display damage: shows the damage dealt
  • Ask for Nickname
  • Play with or without EVs anytime (if you disable, the enemy also doesn’t have EVs)
  • AI controlled battles – the AI controls your team in battle, which is fun sometimes!
  • Shiny Rate Booster (up to 1/5 chance)
  • Individually-Unique Pokémon Colors Patch

Boosted Shiny Rate: Now you can boost the Shiny Rate drastically – no need to waste hours looking for the color you want!

All Moves Are PP Maxed: Like in Pokémon Showdown, every move is PP maxed (yours and the AI)

Lots Of Useful Items From Nurse Joy: Every time you talk to her in any Pokémon Center, she fills up your bag again:

Pokemon Elite Redux
  • Candy Box – level up (up to 4 levels with one click or directly to the current Level Cap), without grinding
  • Upgraded DexNav – instantly see all Pokémon in an area without battling them first
  • All relevant Battle Items (Leftovers, Choice Band/Scarf/Specs, Life Orb, Type Gems and much more)
  • All TMs and HMs + TM Case (but you need to progress the story like usual to unlock Surf etc. in the overworld)
  • One of each Pokéball – they don’t get used anymore when you throw them
  • All useful Berries (Sitrus, Salac, Figy etc.)
  • Iron Pill – to set your Speed IVs to 0 or back to 31, useful for Trick Room
  • Honey for some wild encounters
  • Escape Rope to save time


v1.6 – The Mega Update

  • Over 45 brand new custom Pokémon
  • New (mini) boss fights
  • Reworked battle mechanics
  • New moves
  • Reworked/Renamed/New abilities
  • A lot of other changes

You can read the complete detailed changelog using the changelog button below.

Useful Stuff


Previous Versions

You can download the Pokemon Elite Redux GBA ROM from this page and you can download an Emulator for your device from this link to play the game.