Pokemon Parallel Emerald

Pokemon Parallel Emerald

Download Pokemon Parallel Emerald GBA ROM Hack (Pre-Patched)

Pokemon Parallel Emerald is a GBA Rom Hack by Joggel19 based on Pokemon Emerald. It is now available to download in English and It was last updated on February 17, 2024.

  • Creator: Joggel19
  • Version: 1.1.1
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: February 17, 2024
  • Status: The current version is v1.1.0 which contains the full main game, i.e. all eight badges and the Pokémon League. There is currently no post-game content.


Pokemon Parallel Emerald is a QOL and difficulty hack of Pokémon Emerald made using the pokeemerald decompilation. The core goal behind the hack was to create a new and unique Pokémon Emerald experience by expanding/altering existing maps, introducing new gym leaders, maps, and all new encounters/trainer teams.


Quality Of Life

  • check IVs and EVs from party menu
  • flying from the menu right after tutorial
  • BW2 repel system
  • more bag pockets and bag sorting
  • register multiple items
  • Nature Changer and Move Reminder in every Pokémon Center
  • toggle-able Auto Run Feature
  • cheaper healing items
  • rare candies available to buy after receiving the Pokédex
  • nickname your Pokémon from party menu
  • reusable TMs which there are 100 of
  • no need to learn HMs moves; you can also forget them like any other move
  • berry yields increased and growth time reduced
  • Pokédex that shows Base Stats/Learnsets
  • no more trade evolutions
  • Sandbox mode (optional):
  • heal party from anywhere for free
  • access pc from anywhere
  • max money
  • free move reminder
  • damage calculator available (see below for link)
  • and much more!


  • Generation 8 Battle Engine (Physical/Special Split, Fairy type, all new abilities/moves/items/learnsets included)
  • Vastly improved AI
  • Two difficulties (changeable at any time):
    • Hard (Default): Disables bag use in trainer battles and forces “Set” battle style. Trainers have more Pokémon, perfect IVs, EV investment (within reason!) and better held items.
    • Normal: Enables bag use in trainer battles and let’s the player choose battle style. Trainers will have less Pokémon, 15 IVs, no EV investment and less powerful held items.
  • Dynamic Level Scaling of Trainers and Wild Pokémon
  • Level Caps for every Gym Leader
  • Changes to weaker Pokémon to make them more fun to use
  • Move tutors all over Hoenn
  • Mega Evolution
  • 1-2 more difficult boss trainers on every route
  • Detailed documentation on all changes, where to find what item or Pokémon as well as trainer teams
  • and much more!

Please note: All difficulties are balanced around NOT looking up trainer documentation and NOT using a damage calculator.

Changelog v1.0 -> v1.1.1

Don’t be fooled by the versioning, it’s not a small update at all! Here’s some of what’s new.

New Difficulty “Against the Odds”: Ever thought Parallel Emerald was too easy? Test your strategic ability in this hardcore difficulty:

  • to prevent the player from sweeping through the game, certain moves and abilities are banned, forcing the player to counter the opponent properly
  • EVs are disabled
  • level caps are stricter
  • the pokemon league has become even harder, see gif below 🙂
  • to make this difficulty truly about the battling, all your pokemon will have perfect IVs (and sandbox is recommended)
Pokemon Parallel Emerald

Rebalancing existing difficulties with early Vitamins and EV Caps: Vitamins are now available from the get-go, just like rare candies! Also, the prices of vitamins and rare candies have been reduced drastically. To balance this out, there will be “EV caps” that work exactly like level caps, just for EVs.

See Time of Day, Level, and EV Caps instantly in your menu: No need to set the clock to know what time it is. Also, the current Level and EV Caps will be visible. See the screenshot below!

Pokemon Parallel Emerald

But there is so, so much more to it! More QOL features, tons of bug fixes, reworked encounters, and completely overhauled documentation. See the 2+ pages changelog in the docs for details.

Small hotfix for Against the Odds difficulty: When the opponent switched in a pokemon they previously switched out and that pokemon has an ability that is banned for the player, the ability would be replaced with the “replacing ability” only the player gets.


What are the level caps?

  • Badge 1: Lv. 16
  • Badge 2: Lv. 24
  • Badge 3: Lv. 36
  • Badge 4: Lv. 47
  • Badge 5: Lv. 50


If you lose the 3 vs. 3 battle against Norman in the Pokémon League you will permanently lose the other three Pokémon that didn’t participate in battle.

Workaround: Load your last save file if you lose the battle and don’t save after losing the Pokémon.

Useful Stuff

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Pokemon Parallel Emerald GBA


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Other Sources

You can download the Pokemon Parallel Emerald GBA ROM from this page and you can download an Emulator for your device from this link to play the game.