Pokemon Ragnarok Version

Pokemon Ragnarok Version

Download Pokemon Ragnarok GBA Rom (Pre-Patched)

Pokemon Ragnarok is a Fire Red Hack with a new story, a new region called Nezgard, and a lot of cool features to discover…

  • Creator: Ruki
  • Version: Beta 1
  • Hack of: FireRed


“When the Green and Black Dragon unleashes her true wrath on all living things and conquers the sky… Life and Death, Heaven and Earth, Being and Nothingness, Past and Future… The flames will become a lifetime of noise and will envelop the entire planet. Although countless spirits wandered around hoping for eternal repose, they will be food for the Dragon’s wrath and eaten by Ragnarök, ushering in a new era of turmoil… The worlds of Anctgard and Nezgard will collide, along with their respective anghishes… A solitary ray of light or a gap in the darkness don’t exist…”A portion of an ancient Ragnarök’s Prophecy

In the Nezgard region, a criminal organisation known as The Exxa Brotherhood has developed, which was reported to him as conspiring against the Pokemon League and carrying out multiple attacks against it. As a result, the President of the Pokemon League contacts Nezgard’s top detective agency, known as A.P.I.C. (Agency of Pokemon Investigation and Criminology). Three APIC detectives with high range vanish without a trace a few days after the investigation begins.

After several days to investigate this organization and the disappearance of the detectives, The APIC detectives conclude that some Gym Leaders are involved in the activities of the Exxa Brotherhood, For this reason, they decide to send their three best younger members as undercover detectives to investigate more closely the gym leaders and try to reach the mastermind of the attacks to the Pokemon League and beat the Exxa Brotherhood…


  • The game is based on different missions and sidequests, and the full story is formed by 14 Chapters.
  • Existence of 8 gyms and Pokemon League, but are secondary things.
  • Discover Nezgard, a fully new branded region to explore, a chilly and pintoresc region awaits you!
  • Preset names of the main characters (Sorry, this time you can’t enter a new name)
  • Good works on dialogues and storyline, no more hacks without a real storyline and bad dialogues.
  • No more generic NPC’s, the important characters have an own personality and background story.
  • A Pokedex formed by 200 species from all generations (Sorry. no Fakemons)
  • Mega Evolutions and Primal Reverses included, with unseen Mega Pokemon!!!
  • New music taken from other games and custom music
  • A Day/Night system with illuminated tiles
  • Events and wild Pokemon based on the time
  • Moves classification up to 4th Gen. (psychical and special)
  • Fairy type Included
  • New Moves with new effects and animations.
  • New Berry system
  • Some mechanics from 4-6 generation
  • And more…





You can download the Pokemon Ragnarok Version GBA ROM from this page and you can download an Emulator for your device from this link to play the game.