Top 5 BEST Pokemon GBA ROM Hacks with Gigantamax (2023)

Top 5 BEST Pokemon GBA ROM Hacks with Gigantamax (2023)

In 2023, we’ve seen many pokemon rom hacks with amazing new features, stories and more. Among these, one of the best ones are rom hacks having Gigantamax Pokemon (at least according to me hehe), so today I’ll be sharing with you guys, THE TOP 5 POKEMON GBA ROM HACKS with GIGANTAMAX Pokemon!

I’ll be mentioning a short description about all the games with a few screenshots, and I’ll add the Respective Rom Pages where you can get more info about these rom hacks and download them. Let’s have a look 🙂

Here are the Top 5 Pokemon Gba Rom Hacks with Gigantamax (2023)

5. Pokemon Saffron Version

Azira is a dense region in South America that is home to numerous Pokémon species as they roam around the world. Every decade, the majority of the migration routes coincide, causing the region’s Pokémon population to surge! This is referred to as the Great Migration. Trainers, gym leaders, lecturers, and explorers travel long distances to attend this magnificent event.

Notable Features

  • The Aziran PokĂ©dex consists of every PokĂ©mon from generations 1-8, including every form, Mega Evolution, Gigantimax, and regional variant.
  • Along with Alolan and Galarian variants, you can find a handful of Aziran variants in the wild.
  • Every PokĂ©mon has its proper abilities and the latest official moveset.
  • Mega Evolution, Z-Move, and Dynamax/Gigantamax mechanics are also available.
  • Many basic updates have been done, such as reusable TMs, B/W style Repel system, facing trainers, etc.
  • Mechanics from later official games include a Day/Night system, Poffins, Honey Trees, PokĂ©tch, Raid Battles, Dynamax Adventures, Mining, and more.

4. Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield GBA, as the name suggests, attempts to adapt the history and region of the original Pokemon sword and shield games for the Nintendo Switch including characters, events, and even systems. Logically, it is not identical to the Switch version, but it is as good as it gets on GBA.

Sword and Shield’s events take place in the Galar area, a long, narrow stretch of territory that is one of several in the Pokémon world. The game’s director, Shigeru Ohmori, described it as a more modern environment.

  • Creator: PCL.G
  • Version: v10.2

Notable Features

  • Gigantamax
  • Dynamax
  • Mega Evolution
  • All Pokemon from Generation 8
  • Galar Forms
  • Galar Region
  • Sword & Shield Story
  • BW Menus
  • Exp Share
  • Raid Battles
  • Pokemon in Overworld
  • Sword & Shield NPCs
  • IV & EV System
  • and More!

3. Pokemon World Stadium

Prepare yourself for an exciting challenge! In this hack, you’ll embark on an exciting journey to the Pokémon Centre and use the pokemon on your PC to form your ultimate squad. When your squad is ready, it’s time to put your abilities to the test by competing in 20 action-packed fights in the World Stadium.

Along the road, you’ll run across some familiar acquaintances, but be prepared to face some new and difficult opponents. Don’t worry if you don’t recognise someone; a fast Google search will help you figure out who they are. Prepare to demonstrate your strategic abilities and become a true Pokémon master!

Notable Features

  • Get almost every item up to generation 8 at the start of the game to help you build the team you want.
  • Battle famous characters from different eras of the series.
  • At the start of the game, you will have access to the egg move tutor and the level-up move tutor.
  • Hidden Ability NPC and Nature changing NPC will come in the next few updates
  • G-MAX (Gigantamax) forms are permanent evolutions with the same stats as their original forms. The main difference is custom typings for (most of) the G-MAX forms.

2. Pokemon Legend’s Red

Pokemon Legend’s Red is FireRed hack with the same story but with new features and events. This game is like Pokemon Metal Red but much more challenging and more Gen 8 Pokemon.

  • Creator: Romsprid
  • Version: v1.5

Notable Features

  • All mega stones
  • Alolan forms
  • Galar forms
  • Gigantamax 
  • Pokemon that evolve by trade evolve by Link Cable now
  • Ash Greninja-z (give water stone to mega evolve in battle)
  • Lycanroc Day/Night/Dusk forms
  • Fairy type
  • Evolve without the National Dex
  • High difficulty
  • 712+ Pokemon
  • Reusable TMs
  • New Rival (Hilbert)
  • Some new events
  • Graphics updated
  • Sprites Updated
  • Running indoors
  • Pokemon From Gen 1 to 8
  • and More!

1. Pokemon The Last Fire Red

Pokemon The Last Fire Red is a FireRed hack with the same story but with new features & events to discover. It has really Improved tiles and graphics, and it has all the features you can think of!

Notable Features

  • Mega Evolution in Battle
  • Dynamax in Battle
  • Wild double battles
  • Trainers with EVs
  • Class-based PokĂ© Balls
  • Team Magma & Aqua
  • Some New Events
  • Graphics Updated
  • New Spirits
  • Running indoors
  • All Pokemons From Gen 1 to 7
  • Z Moves with Animations
  • Mega Evolution / Primal Reversion / Ultra Burst
  • Pokes’ IVs
  • Double battles
  • PSS System
  • Physical Special Split
  • Repel System
  • and More!

That was it for the list, let me know what was your favorite pokemon rom hack this year in the comments below 🙂